SRP/APS Pool Pump Rebates for $150

Starting Jan. 1, 2012 a new law came into effect regarding Variable Speed and 2 Speed pumps. All NEW POOL FILTRATION PUMPS installed in Arizona , INCLUDING NEW MOTORS 1HP OR GREATER, must have a minimum 2 speed or variable pump installed.

This Law is for the POOL FILTRATION PUMP ONLY. Other waterfall pumps, booster pumps or in floor cleaning pumps are not bound by this law, only the filtration pump.

This law came into effect as an attempt to reduce electricity usage as well as power bill costs to homeowners with swimming pools. Variable Speed Pumps will save an average of 75% to 80% of the electricity cost to run your pool. And to help implement this cost savings program SRP/APS is now offering a $150 rebate to the homeowner as an incentive to expedite the process an help defray the cost of installing and converting to NEW Variable Speed Pumps. This rebate program will run through at least April 30th 2014.

Your old one speed pool pump is approximately only 65% efficient with energy losses of 35%. This energy loss causes pool pumps to overheat which is a major cause of pump failure. NEW Variable Speed Technology pumps are 92% efficient with only 8% energy loss, reducing overheating problems and causing pump motors to last longer than 1 speed models. So far the Variable speed pumps have had only 1% failure rate for 5 year testing period. That means $$ back in your pocket.

You’ll find Variable Speed pumps to run quite a bit quieter than a normal 1 speed pump. The Warranty for a Variable Speed pump is one year.

SRP/APS will rebate up to $150, because approximately 15% of your electricity bill from the power company is due to the pool motor. So get out your electric bill, take the monthly charge by 15% or (.15). This will give you the CURRENT cost of running your existing pool pump. Then take that number by 80% or (.80). This will give you the AVERAGE MONTHLY SAVINGS from your NEW Variable Speed Pump.

CAN YOU FIX MY POOL LLC ( an authorized installer for SRP and APS rebates) will help you with the SRP/APS pump rebate process when you install the pump through us. In Most case we will apply for the pump rebate for you and give you the pump rebate back instantly. Your new swimming pool pump will have to also be calibrated to set the pool pump to required standards for optimum efficiency. CAN YOU FIX MY POOL LLC will also handle this process so that it will be a one stop process.

What are the most important things to remember?:
1) Noise Reduction
2) Cleaner Pools
3) SRP/APS Pump Rebates up to $150
4) 80% electricity cost savings

You can’t go wrong with this program from SRP/APS and a $150 pool pump rebate, but the offer ends April 30, 2014.
Call today for pricing and scheduling information.

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Improper sanitizer usage causes disease. If you are not using enough sanitizer such as chlorine or bromine in your pools or spas, you could be asking for trouble. Disease causing bacteria and viruses are all part of the swimming pool environment especially in the summer months when water is warm or when water is heated such as with a spa or heated pool.

Additionally, poor sanitizer levels can promote algae growth and green pools. There are tens of thousands of types of algae known to exist which are ready and eager to go swimming with you this year. Some types of algae such as black algae are especially heinous and are resistant to chemical treatment. In addition, there are several types of algicides and shock treatments available. Some of these are good and some of these are bad for the Arizona pool environment.

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Water Balance is Important

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Improper water balances causes major problems.

If your PH and alkalinity levels are out of balance, you can have corrosive problems such as plaster eaten away, tiles falling off, and equipment damage. An improper PH can also cause scaling effects such as build up on tiles and ineffective chemicals.

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Filtration systems need to be broken down and cleaned periodically.

Filters are designed to collect dirt out of the pool and the pool operator then sends this dirt to waste by backwashing. However, this will not completely clean out your filter. After backwashing, depending on what type of filter you have, some debris is left inside your filter and can only be removed by a proper filter cleaning several times yearly.

Not having certain filters cleaned regularly can ruin internal filter parts costing hundreds of dollars.

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Pool Water Gets Hard Fast

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Arizona is notorious for hard water. Most Arizona pool owners don’t realize that pool water needs to be changed every 3 years on the average to prevent water hardness.


Too much calcium buildup in the water can cause deposits on your plaster which can damage the plaster and tile. Those deposits are NOT easy to remove and must be removed by harsh procedures such as ACID WASHING and SANDBLASTING. Please note that draining and acid washing of plaster pools can only be performed in WINTER MONTHS when temperatures are less than 80 degrees to prevent the plaster from cracking.

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Regular Maintenance Saves Money

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Improperly cared for pools cause stress and can cost a small fortune.

Many pool owners don’t realize upon purchasing a pool how TIME CONSUMING the maintenance can be and how costly improper maintenance can become. In addition, many pool owners were never trained correctly on how to properly care for their pool. This all adds up to frustration, stress and unhappy pool ownership. It doesn’t have to be this way. Pool ownership can be a great experience if the pool owner is properly educated on what to do and what not to do and who to turn to for good advice and instruction.

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